FLASH: CBS “Discovery” plans @ San Diego Comic-Con explode with more events, galleries

For all those (weirdly and wrongly) claiming “CBS botched the 50th”… as I debunked on my very first  Trekland Tuesday LIVE, and elsewhere… comes exciting news today that, though late,  CBS is really on its game in the San Diego Comic-Con arena for getting fans (and maybe fans-to-be!) excited for the Sept. 24 debut.

We knew about the big Ballroom 20 panel of cast and producers (left) at 2:30 pm Saturday. (BTW, CBS… I think EPs should get press headshots, too.)

But, as you may have heard me say, having Star Trek and Discovery repped at SDCC is as much about standing alongside the other big-boy media franchises and claiming that share of the media spotlight—for the long-haul good of audience building— as it is serving the fans on-site. SDCC is, after all, a multi-genre extravaganza of many interests and  attention spans.

But that’s the point. What a perfect time to make an impact on buzz-worthy, viral-going fans—and knock the rust off of their perception of modern-day Star Trek in one fell swoop.

#STLV is preachin’ to the choir. This is going out to convert  the heathen. (And their thoughtmakers)!

From the “selfie scavenger hunt” to the Discovery pedi-cab banners to the gallery (above) of props, costumes and the CHANCE TO SIT IN THE DISCOVERY CAPTAIN’S CHAIR …..

Well done, old friends and looming friends at all levels of CBS and CBS All Access marketing. Hitting on all thrusters. Very world-building.

And all this before anyone even opens their mouth on Saturday!

I don’t think we’re in the Fallow Years anymore, Toto.


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