Not more panels—it’s a virtual Star Trek cocktail party Sunday! Come be my guest

I am so excited to co-host this— and no, it’s not more virtual panels.

How about three hours of  the “Trek family,” wandering around a virtual cocktail party while your hosts make introductions and get the latest news, check-ins and chitchat? With a streaming chat room and the chance to toss in your own questions?

It’s coming up this Sunday, from 3-6 pm  PT  (6-9 ET, 11 pm-2 am BST) on the new Outpost 13 Twitch channel (you don’t need a Twitch account— just go!).

I’ll be joined by the lovely and talented Aliza Pearl as co-host, “captain” of The Improvised Generation LA-based narrative improv cast, to help navigate our virtual three-hour party and all its guests.

It’s all to let you know the sixth season of  The Improvised Generation has “gone virtual,” adapting the adventures of the TNG-era USS McGinley crew to COVID times ON Outpost 13/—and yet all still improv, the storytelling all unplanned each “mission night.” Which, as a big booster in recent years, I can’t wait to see how it works.

Sadly, Sunday’s party is BYOB.  But look at this schedule!
And …. Portal 47 is a proud co-sponsor.  Hope you can make it and chat in Sunday.

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