Not a Niner? Not even a Trekker? You’ll still LOVE “What We Left Behind” May 13

I don’t need to pile on to what every preview viewer and REviewer has said:

But QUICK! Go see What We Left Behind May 13 as a Fathom Event as a (hopefully) theater near you.

As a Trek vet and an interviewee who survived the cutting room floor — amazingly, with THIS cast of characters and crew—I had the chance to see the friends-and-donor previews twice, at Paramount in L.A., and in Birmingham during Destination Star Trek when I was a guest there.

Two things struck me:

—How incredibly well-crafted are both the snarky humor and the candid emotions of Ira and all his cast/crew children.
—And how the human appeal of What We Left Behind goes  far beyond Niners … and even beyond Trekfans in general. I talked to two :mundanes” afterward in L.A. who were blown away, and could not wait to give it a try— maybe even a new bingewatch.

It’s also the best crowdsourced credits crawl ever.

And THAT was before all the newly remastered high-res footage was put together.

I only all the DS9 family were still here to see it— including co-creator Mike Piller and visual FX supervisor Gary Hutzel, among many others. They’re all remembered, too.

I can’t wait to talk to Nana Visitor about it at SoonerCon in Norman OK!

Meanwhile— and even outside Canada and the US and markets open up— go when you have the chance.

Sure, the Blue-ray and streaming will be out soon in partnership with Shout! Factory.

But this way you can enjoy it with all your fellow fans they way you NEVER could on that crappy station at 2 a.m. after the hockey game when the delay didn’t trip up your VCR recording setting.



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