Need a worthy tax deduction for 2016 today? Enterprise in Space can help!

Hey, it’s Dec. 31—looking to help out a 501(c)3,  save on your taxes, and help the future too? Well, Enterprise in Space is a perfect match!

I haven’t talked about EIS here in a long time, but the program to put 100+ student STEAM projects aboard a custom-designed orbiter  in 2021 is simply booming, including the addition of over a dozen collaborators and partners from aerospace and education, including the Smithsonian Science Education Center and Made in Space, makers of the 3D printers aboard the International Space Station.  And that’s just a couple: see the whole list of logos with us, above.

Here’s a new story about our original collaborator, who will use EIS as a testbed:  ValueSpring’s amazing EnterpriseMind cognitive vocal-interactive computer, aiming to revolutionize the world with a handheld online tutor in the palm of every student around the globe. And now the Enterprise Centers for Excellence, our Cybrary, and the EIS Academy will offer an interface between those contacts, the latest online research archives, and students of all ages.

15675739_1060604234065867_7178734043053098756_oPlus, right now EIS is co-sponsoring two exciting college student competitions: Getting your 3D project idea done aboard the Space Station (and returned) in Print the Future…,  and the Orbital Debris Mitigation Competition to help combat the growing danger of orbital junk craft (both open through Feb. 15). The main call for student “Enterprise in Space” competition projects to fly on the orbiter itself are soon to come.

But it’s still about a grassroots support, too: Your donation today from $20 on up not only gets you perks and a tax deduction— you’re a virtual crewmember on the first real Enterprise in space! With a certificate plus your name embedded on a chip aboard, and visible after return, to prove it.

As a project of the National Space Society and a global eye on the future and its next generation,  the “NSS Enterprise” in Space, LLC has a great year ahead—with our backers large and small. Please consider joining their ranks at whatever you can spare—or need to spare!



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