Modesto has a huge, growing con and I’m excited to be there, Central Valley!

I have been a Callie for over 20 years, so shame on me for not having visited the Central Valley more than once or twice.
And thus a big thanks for Modesto Con for having me as a Token Trek guest, July 7-9*!

This growing fanglomeration with heavy cosplay and artists repped also has both Starfleet’s new local USS Balthsar and Fresno’s USS Saroyan chapters on hand for starters, so I don’t think we will be a loss for meeting Trek peeps among the 10,000+ goers so far.

So we will do our best to bring the best & latest of Trekland to our panels, our table, and anything extra I get pulled into.

I love pioneering new turfs of Trekdom—especially now, with Discovery headlines and sneakpeeks coming right and left!

Here’s my panels—with tabling both days:


7-10 pm — I will definitely see Treklanders at Club Mod Con pre-party , yes?


3 pm Room B – My Modesto version of the current “Trekland: Between the Cracks” show with Discovery update and a Portal 47 special!

7 pm – USS Balthasar Commissioning Party, Ridgway restaurant

9:30-11:30 pm — Dr. Trek Show crowdfunder event to let folks support “The Con of Wrath” in its final working year.

12 noon   Room B — Larry’s State of the Trek fan forum

Down-home  Trek and fandom peeps in a growing, low-hype venue—just like back home. Can’t wait!




*(Not 7 of 9)

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  1. GREETINGS! Good to meet you at MODESTO.CON. You asked for Ernie Cobine’s obituary. I found it…. It does not mention being partnered with Gene Roddenberry, but it does give the years he served before he moved to Eureka and became a teacher. omg- it’s 0240. It’s too HOT to SLEEP. See you tomorrow [today] at the con. I feel like a zombie. No costume or makeup necessary.

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