‘Lower Decks’ Eve: *23 straight weeks* of new Star Trek is HISTORIC, folks

Happy Lower Decks Day!

Much pandemic premiere hoopla this week, and well-deserved: it’s new Star Trek!

And while I know some are reticent about animation, or the style of humor— I’ll but most of you will come around.  LDS is charming! And rambuctious when it needs to be.

And most of all, it’s Roddenberry Vision all the way.  SEE IT NOW IN A FREE WEEK from CBS AllAccess— recently bulked up with thousands of hours from the “remarried” Paramount/Viacom film/TV stocks. (Canada, you have it on CTV Sci Fi Channel and Crave)

You still worried about showrunner Mike McMahan’s bona fides afert SDCC AtHome?  Did you SEE my on-the-fly interview with him back at SDCC 2015, when pre-Emmies Mike asked me for an autograph? (For his TNG Companion copy.)

Most of all, that “23 Weeks of Trek” campaign is shocking. Not only is CBS marketing actually using just the single word “Trek,” as fandom has done, since, oh, 1969 or so…

But that 23 weeks of new episodes is historic. NEVER BEFORE. (Keep reading below the fold)


Even in TOS and the Berman Era days of 26-episode seasons, the old network/ad-driven business model had rerun breaks for holidays, news events… even production delays!

NO ONE has ever seen 23 straight weeks of new, first-run Star Trek. No one.

(I know, global fans — you are still waiting to see Lower Decks— legally. Hang in there: Mike just threw you a bone of hope. The spoiler-avoidance must be agony.)

But let’s not overlook just how historic this is.. and what it means for all the tastes to come (and old favorites remain stocked) here in the New Buffet Era (?) of Star Trek that we are striding into, plate in hand. It’s going to take a while to wrap heads (arms?) around it… and COVID-19 sure hasn’t helped stay on track with everything… but it IS happening.

I’ll be talking about #LDS — no, not the Mormons!— with a premiere watchalong this Saturday on Life Support LIVE with Dr. Ali , and our healthy-mood takeaways … and of course on Trekland Tuesdays LIVE, and other fine pods.

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