Leonard’s loss to us, two years later: Guest thoughts from Bonnie Moss

It really has been two years today since Trekland — and all the world, really — were stunned by the loss of Leonard Nimoy, just shy of having him here for Trek’s big upcoming 50th birthday?

The moment made me reexamine my thoughts and feelings for Spock, Leonard, and indeed my perception of all Star Trek, as I wrote at the time.

My good friend, colleague, and lifelong Leonard fan and backer Bonnie Moss — whose fan and Nimoy art photo collection has been seen in exhibits like the one she helped organize near her North Carolina home — offered a few friends some thoughts on this bittersweet anniversary.  You’ve seen here words here before, so I asked if I might share these latest on TREKLAND, and she graciously agreed… along with a couple of new images from her collection not widely seen before.

WHY Leonard Nimoy’s Loss Remains Painful, Powerful and Profound


Can it actually be two years ago today that we lost a truly irreplaceable artist and human being? Here are just a few reasons why the impact of his passing is still so acutely felt:

1) Spock (Prime) is no longer a part of the current Star Trek Universe. His wry humor, observations on human nature, his internal struggles and his loving relationship with his crewmates is gone. Nothing brought more gasps and tears in Star Trek Beyond than ‘Kelvin Spock’s’ experiencing his mentor’s death and holding his most treasured possession.

2) A true Renaissance Man’s creativity is no longer being actualized. Leonard Nimoy was a writer, producer, voiceover artist, narrator, poet, host, lecturer, actor and photographer. This is an outstanding accomplishment for anyone in the entertainment industry, as well as evidence of his own personal gifts. He remained a vital participant in the creative process/expression until his final physical constraints curtailed this calling.

3) His family, friends and fans miss his visible/tactile devotion, input and affection. One only has to view Adam Nimoy’s heartfelt For The Love of Spock documentary to obtain a glimpse of the love and regard he elicited from his family members, peers and co-workers, not to mention the countless others he influenced, personally and professionally.

I’m sure we’ll have the same response to the upcoming documentary produced by Julie Nimoy and her husband David, Remembering Leonard. The sheer magnitude of the condolences and grief expressed by fans on social media at his passing echoed the feelings, respect and loyalty that he always demonstrated to them. This was again apparent on the first anniversary of his death.

4) We need his level of humanity, which is sorely missed and desperately needed in these trying times. Many of us wonder what he would be saying/tweeting about the current political climate. Leonard Nimoy was a man who embraced, promoted and embodied diversity. When it became obvious that his own life expectancy would be cut short by COPD, he even turned this misfortune into a personal mission to help others to avoid a similar fate.

This list is by no means exhaustive. While we are acknowledging and clarifying why we miss him so much (and always will) , each of these factors must also be celebrated. We greatly benefited, enjoyed and grew from his body of work, as well as in the way in which he lived his life. He strove to rectify and learn from any past mistakes and ultimately set a high standard of professional and personal conduct.

This is indeed a legacy to be LONG remembered , but more importantly, treasured.Our thanks, Mr. Nimoy—you shall FOREVER “Live Long and Prosper.”

Bonnie Moss

Thanks, Bonnie. With fans like you sharing your collection and your insight, Leonard’s impact on the world will be even more magnified in years to come.

Bonnie making a point and greeting Leonard with fellow fans backstage after a performance of “Vincent,” 1980.



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