L.A. ALERT: Dr. Trek hosts a wrap party for first pilot “The Cage”—55 years later

Yes, this one is for SoCal locals — but my how time flies.

Almost two years before its NBC debut for the hallowed 9/8/66 birthday premiere, that first and unsold pilot “The Cage” wrapped filming on Dec. 18, 1964 — actually down at Desilu-Culver.

Aside from personal drinks by some of the guys, perhaps, as an unsold pilot it seems unlikely there was any formal get-together to celebrate.

So now, thanks to Star Trek: Discovery, with all things Pike, Number One, Shouty Spock and Vina back in the Star Trek spotlight, it seems a great time to take a break from holiday madness— or at least spike it with a little Trek flavor— and celebrate “The Cage” on its 55th birthday with our own wrap party meetup.

Nothing fancy — and the $10 ticket (here!) gets you a free drink (for less than list) and a shot at door prizes, some livestream fun, the chance at Trekland gifts without postage, and other Treksters in the same mood.

Historic Lucy’s El Adobe is right across from “Desilu-Gower” (aka Paramount) and a perfect place to meet , especially since it just marked 55 years too — and the Desilu gang’s #1 venue Nickodell’s is long gone.

Tickets available at the door,  but in advance is greatly appreciated for headcount!



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