Just in time for Peak Con season: I host “Instagram 4 Dunsels” live, free & online

Hey quick: Do you have a spare hour THIS Monday evening, July 15?
(“STOP TALKING. JUST TAKE ME THERE” > quick click here)

Ever wonder what the deal is with Instagram— how it’s different from  Facebook or Twitter?
Or what good it is for your fandom coolness, or even business?
Or how can you keep up with those celebs and brands and their cute, hip mini-videos?

Well, here’s the collision of need and opportunity:

A new colleague and friend of mine, singer-songwriter Alex Cappe, has offered to explain the “new” elusive social media and share some tricks with all our Treklanders.  (Thanks to everyone across Facebook groups last week who answered my call for questions about IG!)

A live, online and FREE Zoom-call “workshop” at 7 pm PT— we’re calling it “Instagram for Dunsels: Three Aha’s for Fans.”
I’m hosting, but mainly look for 30-40 jam-packed minutes from Alex—you’ll want to take notes!— plus lots of Q&A time.

Makers, meme-builders, cosplayers, podcasters, con-goers, con-givers:
Whether you want to up your Insta game — or even just figure out what the heck the fuss is about — Alex will decode the basics and share a few hot tricks you can do now.

Just go here to claim a “virtual seat” before they’re gone, and get the contact details.
(If you’ve never been on a Zoom “meeting” call, it’s a lot like Skype, with chat, webcam and muting options: Watch this simple how-to video sometime before we start.)



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