Join us! Star Trek’s last 3 official science advisors and I on SDCC @Home July 23

And now it’s San Diego Comic-Con‘s turn to go all-virtual— during the Year of the Virus.

And I’m very honored to produce and host this panel for Comic-Con @Home, from an idea I’d thought about for some time now: Three Generations of Star Trek Science Advisors.

Please click in now and be ready to see the link go LIVE at 5 p.m. PT / 8 pm ET on  Thursday, July 23:  Every formally titled science advisor on series Trek since TNG Season 5 in 1990: Naren Shankar, Andre Bormanis and Erin Macdonald!  Erin is advising “all 6” current and planned Trek project series as of late 2019 … while Andre is a producer for The Orville with some 18 total seasons of Trek TV advising, and Naren now showruns a little series called The Expanse after his first Hollywood work was Season 5-6 advisor for TNG, then staff writer on S7.

It debuts in a block of panels at this time shown, but be aware: Like all the SDCC @Home panels, it will eventually be posted BUT not for some time.

So if you want to see it now, you have to see it live at that 5 p.m. July 23 time!

In fact, the big CBS Universe studio extravaganza of Star Trek is earlier that day at 10 a.m. PT/1 pm ET  (a panel apiece for all three current shows)— just click in and stay close to your YouTube all day. Followed at 2 pm /5 pm by “All the Starfleet Ladies”, a discussion including author Una McCormack and editor Kendra James.

UPDATE: On Saturday, don’t miss the “Picard: A Literary Retrospective” virtual panel with authors David Alan Mack, Una McCormack, Alex White and Stephen Graham Jones AT THIS LINK at 1 PM PT/ 4 Pm ET on YouTube! The link does NOT go live until then.

Alas, all the panels are pre-recorded— so, no room for live Q&A. Maybe some day.

But our 3 science whizzes provide a great discussion about the state of Trek, real vs. fictional projected science,  and the evolution of the audience driving science advisors and their producer overlords. And Trek as the granddaddy of all that.

All online and all FREE. This link takes you to the “registration” page if you want to click in for Trek Science, and help pile on the numbers! (No doorkeepers or lines!)

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