Join Sid, me and your first “virtual dealers’ room” Sunday June 14 at CONnected Community Con

In case you hadn’t noticed, 2020 is truly shaping up to be like no other year we’ve ever seen.

Yes, we’re missing actors and writer guests, not seeing them live on stage—but now there’s at least “virtual panels.”
So what about all the exhibitors that are losing out from COVID-cancelled cons this summer?


Well, here comes CONnected Community Con — Sunday, June 14.

Science Division, makes of those wonderful, CBS-licensed and chip-activated living tribbles, has stepped up to organize a virtual “dealers’ room” for the vendor community missing out on summertime SDCC, STLV, and others.

There’s ALMOST 40 virtual dealers’ worth of “Zoom” booths you can visit for three hours Sunday. Click to get the pdf.

But wait: Alexander Siddig kicks it off as a guest welcomer, PLUS an after- panel led by Aly “24 Year Old Trekker” Martinez… music … and an after party hosted by *moi.*


Please come “visit me” and 37 other booths,  over the three hours— check the website for the Zoom or Skype addresses of all vendors, and the main events too.

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