It’s already been five years now — when we said goodbye to Leonard Nimoy

Five years? Really?

Yes, there it is— Feb. 27, 2015, when COPD claimed the life of our beloved, iconic Leonard Nimoy — he whose time on Sol III during and long after “Mr. Spock” affected so many, in so many walks of life.

I wrote about his passing, and the shift it caused in me, for Star Trek Magazine — and even in how it affected my evolving views of my own longtime favorite, De Kelley and McCoy.

And the very impact of his passing, I’m happy to say, was also a wake-up call to the world that not only did the geeks win, but Leonard’s impact on millions of fans around the world — many who’d perhaps never viewed any outing of Star Trek.

We couldn’t let the five-year memorial mark go by without some help from lifelong Leonard uberfan, collector, and photography patron Bonnie Moss, who offered to share some images from her collection with Trekland from varied aspects of his life: in and out of uniform. Enjoy — and reflect on his impacts. She also did so for Trekland at the one-year mark in 2016.

The top image, in fact, reminds us how the shadow of Spock— and of course, the performance that wrote the book on all those affected by it —falls now across not only the  Kelvin movies but also even Discovery and Picard today— by the time you include all future Spocks, all future Vulcans— and all consequential mind-melds he ever took part in… including one Jean-Luc PIcard. The onetime admiral still, as we know, carries around a but of Spock and his father to this day — Borg invasion or not.

Plus! An outtake from “I, Mudd” … directing Robin “Saavik” Curtis as  Merritt “David” Butrick looks on in Star Trek III… and an ominous,  pose from Star Trek VI. Thanks again, Bonnie, for these images and for helping us take a moment to remember what we have, and why we have it.







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