I’m back to Salt Lake City with such great fans: SLCC is just in time for Discovery!

Salt Lake Comic Con has become one of my favorites the past few years— laid-back, accessible, and very friendly to me and all things Trekland, as well as Trek! The Trek fan community via all the  ship crews of the Seventh Fleet is so huge and welcoming —and this year is no exception.

I’m exciting to both be bringing the “Dr. Trek Show” for the final time for The Con of Wrath … and, for the first time here, talking about Portal 47 in a special “Brief-up”–similar to what I did in Vegas, with food, fun and prizes  (check updates on adjacent site).  And all ONE DAY before the debut of Discovery—I’ll be getting home just in time!

For now, my table is at Booth 632— come find me for photos, “On Speaker” remastered archival CDs of  “in the day” Star Trek creators, information about our Enterprise in Space non-profit space orbiter of global student projects  … and of course a table drawing for Portal 47 and a cool TNG artifact.

Meanwhile, here’s my panels for SLCC—I have solos and good-fellow events both, for TNG as well as Discovery:


6 pm, Rm. 255F: 30 Years of The Next Generation — Surprising roots news, and overviews for your Q& A reactions


2 pm, RM 255C — “Star Trek and Star Wars: Better Together”: Group panel that seems to be about “what lessons can be taken from both franchises for a better world”?

5 pm, TBA adjacent— The Portal 47  “Brief-Up”: Door prizes and a chance to hear about Portal 47 LIVE and get a bonus DVD set drawing for deep-divers who sign up on the spot!

9 pm,  RM 150G — Dr. Trek Show crowdfunder for “The Con of Wrath”—Forget what the program says, this is a 90-minute edition of my live-appearance crowdfunder — you can check in on the Facebook Event page!—


3 pm RM 255C—“Getting Even With Star Trek: The Secret of ST II, IV, VI”— An actual group panel—and about Nick Meyer’s Trek influence.

4 pm, RM 255C— “Star Trek Discovery: Boldly Going Where No Trek Has Gone Before?”

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