Off to WonderCon: On the hunt for Discovery-First Fans—and a P47 brief-up!

  1. I’ve been talking here and there around the Interwebs lately of my big mission this year:
    To find and talk with new fans who came to the Trek family via Discovery only—Discovery First Fans! —without bridging over or carrying baggage from any prior Trek.*

And my first chance is Anaheim’s WonderCon, the “little brother” to sprawling San Diego Comic-Con.

At 5 pm Saturday in Room 209, join me for a Disco-centric version of my “State of the Trek” forum: “Discovery Made Me Do It.” All Trekfolk are welcome, but I especially want to hear from the DFFs— the fans who find themselves in Trek thanks to the mycelial network and Battle of the Binary Star(s).

You can “click in” to schedule my panel at the official WonderCon programming app/site here (as you can for any others), and see if anyone else you know is coming. Feel free to share the link, too!

I can’t wait— not just for  DFFs’ fresh and unfettered slant on the all-new attractions of Discovery, borne of 2017 but clearly akin to what brought earlier fans aboard…. but whether any of them have binged any of the rest of the “prior catalog” on Netflix. Or to hear how they’ve been treated by the rest of fandom—live, or on social media. Or if they even care, at this point.

I’ll also be sharing a special WonderCon offer to join Portal47 right there on the spot, and a   bonus “brief-up” right after the panel for all who do. with current Portales at the closest bar we can find (TBA!) where I can treat all joiners—along with some other welcome gifts.

Now… there’s even more Discovery at WonderCon this weekend, too—and studio-delivered, to boot:

You might also have heard that CBS has Discovery‘s main band of creative designers staging a panel at 3 pm Saturday in Room 200 North—get in line early! That’ll be awesome, historic (for a Trek TV series) and heavily covered, you can be sure. Here’s the deets on the con site to click in, and a news story to boot.

Even earlier, the creative team behind the IDW comics series including Discovery has a 10 am panel to kick things off in Room 211 (click in here). The big panel includes longtime Trek comicler Scott Tipton, editor Sarah Gaydos, and acclaimed Trek/Voyager licensed novelist Kirsten Beyer (seen here with the latest covers) , who won a seat on the Disco writing staff and coordinates Trek fiction/comics with the TV writers’ room to a level just short of canon.

>> So, when it comes to your Saturday trek to WonderCon…. Come for the CBS Disco creatives at 10 and 3 … stay for Trekland’s Disco-first fan sharing at 5!

If you’re there Friday (I will be too, but in table-free, footloose mode) there’s even more Trek:

—My friend Dan Deevy‘s all-inclusive fun “Gaaays in Space!” movement has a special WonderCon panel at 7 pm in 209 (click here), with guest Nana Visitor and Jess Phoenix, volcanologist and candidate for CA-25 Congress. All are welcome in this celebration of real-life IDIC in Trek and fandom …and real life!

And Mike Sussman, Mark Altman, Ed Gross and Scott Mantz talk “The Next 50 Years” of Trek at 4 pm , Room 300B.

I’m excited! If you are on-site, I hope we can cross paths sometime that weekend.


*To a lesser extent, I’m also after those who got here via the Kelvinverse movies, first. OR came to Disco right from Kelvo.)



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