Hey, Blighty and beyond: Will YOU join us at the UK’s Sci-Fi Ball this weekend?

Look out, U.K. fans, Trekland is headed your way! Who’s coming?

Just a week away til I get to see a ton more fans across the pond at the venerable and mostly-Trek SciFi Ball, now in its 23rd year, at the Grand Harbor Hotel in Southhampton.

So excited to finally get to this classic old-school fan-run charity convention on the coast in Southampton—topped with an Enterprise-D Sickbay reunion of Gates McFadden and Patti Yasutake! What a coincidence—it’s TNG‘s 30th this year.

But hey—I’m throwing a couple kinks into the legendary and beloved format, topped off by the Saturday night formal ball. Better drop by at 9 pm Friday and see my “Dr. Trek Show”, for the first and only time in the UK,  in support of The Con of Wrath here in the final weeks of active filming. I’ll also have a table both days, attended some times: I’ll be spreading the new PORTAL 47 deep-dive excitement, too —as well as take the mood of what UK fans are thinking about Discovery and the post-50th world of fandom. I’m also bringing a couple of goodies for the charity auction right from the Trekland Trunk, benefiting The Teenage Cancer Trust.

The dinner is just sold out, but plenty of single day passes and at the door: check out all the ticket types at the webpage for the latest. Or the SFB Events Facebook page or @SFBEvents on Twitter!

We’re looking to do a short “afters” trip to Bath and Stonehenge as well, especially if we find a helpful local to personalize it beyond bland tourbusese.

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