Headed for WonderCon in Anaheim? Let’s talk about Trek locations Saturday

Just down the road for me, WonderCon in Anaheim is always a lark.

And this weekend, I’ll be there on Saturday (only) with a solo panel this year:

One I’m calling “Beyond Vasquez: Star Trek’s Big and Little Location Filming Sites “.

Check it out at 5-6 pm, in Room  213CD.

Sure I offer the Trekland Treks customized day tours , and work with Teras Cassidy for the  multi-day West Coast Away Mission at Geek Nation Tours—next in 2024.
But whether you are Vasquez-obvious or want a more obscure site …

This panel will offer a sneak peek in doing your own trips and research, and I’ll share a bit of research that’s out there, and what to consider as you recreate the location filming experience from Treks.

If you are Anaheim-bound, hope you can make it!

Click in HERE if you’re interested in coming —and see how full the room is getting.

And hey — I’ll be wandering around as well for a few hours before, too.




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