Happy Thanksgiving! With new dressing for the original old bird of Star Trek

And no, I don’t mean the Great Bird of the Galaxy—though I don’t blame you for going there first.

I’m talking about this funky little number I whipped up especially for today… here in Trekland, remembering how Star Trek originally was glimpsed to NBC viewers … because I too am thankful for all we have, what a growing year of excitement this has been … and for all the potential that’s still out there, with more to come.

Oh, and for that little Star Trek (and sci-fi) revival that’s got everyone buzzing… one way or another.

I hope you have the very best holiday with as many loved ones as you can gather ’round… or converse with, across the miles. I know I will. And I hope that, as always, we all find ways to climb more hills than dropping into valleys.

I should add that I’m also thankful for the patience all you Trekland readers still have, after some fallow months here on the blog — although Trekland Tuesdays LIVE has a lot of bloggy commentary every week for 15 minutes or so…. if you’re not hearing me elsewhere on a podcast, or of course PORTAL 47.

But things are about to pick up the pace here at the blog.

Look for a burst of news THIS WEEKEND.

And… especially on this day:
Trek well, everynbody.




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