Happy Thanksgiving! From all of me at Trekland

Okay. I just had to post it once again.

I always enjoy this throwback visual pun on a Star Trek golden-oldie from the TOS NBC days.

And yes—after a year of global COVID-19 pandemic, social justice tragedies and triumphs, and a hard-fought course correction in U.S. politics… feeling thankful takes on a whole new shade this year.

So even as I get out this familiar sight, I hope you and yours saw the wisdom of foregoing holiday traveling and “normal” large celebrations— just for once! — so all your loved ones can still be around by the holidays, much less next Thanksgiving. This is Star Trek, that’s the science, and every blueshirt from Spock and McCoy on down would say the say thing.

And yet, however and whomever we see to celebrate today, it is as ever a chance to count blessings.

Apart from my own health and family, I count that as all of you within the sound of my words, in Trekland.

You allow me to continue to share, to organize, to interpret, to archive—and to gather a Star trek community around fellow fans who enjoy that.
And who glean so much good from it all.

Professionally and, somehow, still with a fan’s passion and twinkle.

Especially this year — when hardship and isolation has, on the upside, led to a personal / virtual communication boom that actually has us connected in ways we could never envision before.
(Well, on a mass scale, anyway; our Portal 47ers have been gathering globally and virtually for all-new Trek voices and insights for FIVE YEARS, now.)

So, yes, let’s be thankful— with all new eyes, and in all new ways.

Our 22nd, 23rd, 24th centuries— and 32nd!— all depend on it.

Trek well, everyone!

And stay tuned for Friday and the weekend, too…






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