Happy Star Trek Day! CBS sets historic virtual day of events— free and global (and we do, too!)

CBS is doing it up big for Star Trek’s 54th birthday today, spurned on by the silver lining of the pandemic: the coming of virtual panels and access.

Look for SIX 30-minute panels from 12 noon to 3 pm Pacific time TODAY— legacy and new series alike. AND available around the globe— no geoblocking! Hosted by Wil Wheaton and Mica Burton, LeVar’s daughter.

(Me? I’m most excited for the Strange New World panel at 1 pm PT, where showrunner Henry Alonzo Myers and two other writer-producers will SPEAK— along with the spinoff stars you kn0w — Anson, Rebecca and Ethan. But what a great chance for theiur intro to fandom!)

Their 1 pm panel is also, here in Trekland, the main reason I pushed Trekland Tuesdays LIVE back to MONDAY to clear the path at 1 p.m.— and where I share memory of that OTHER historic “Star Trek Day.” And no, I don’t mean 1966. Take a listen!

Plus, comes a Tuesday and there’s a new The Trek Files, of course — with a special Star Trek Day iconic memo file set: The Intro!


So enjoy all that plus the CBS fine panel work at startrek.com, a full day of curated episodes when the panels aren’t in gear, and of course…

The #StarTrekUnitedGives hashtag campaign, where CBS pledges $1 for social justice organizations everytime ANY tweet carries the hashtag:  #StarTrekUnitedGives … from midnight to midnight Pacifics Tuesday — Star Trek Day!

Do YOU have a special, especially social-distance spaced party or event planned?

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