Happy Star Trek Day! At 55, look how far we’ve come

What’s more amazing:  That this is Star Trek’s 55th anniversary — or that it’s been 5 years since the 50th?

Yes, it’s Sept. 8 again, there’s a big day of live events planned …

And, in the Trekland way you expect, I talked about how “It Wasn’t Always This Way” on Trekland Tuesday LIVE #223 this week.

Did you catch it? Check out the first 30 minutes’ rant for some real history on the makers’ love-affair with this day — or not!

But whatever your favorite might be among the new Treks, or still preferring the legacy shows (even though Lower Decks seems to have won just about everybody over)—you have to admit:

There’s never been anything like today’s virtual *and* live celebration of Star Trek Day — what we used to call “Happy Star Trek Anniversary!” Or even “Happy birthday, Star Trek!”

Check it out: Starting at 5:30 pm PT/ 8:30 ET,  three hours of panels globally streamed live about all five current Treks, with cast and creators— plus  special moments from more of your “legacy Trek” favorites, a focus panel on creator Gene Roddenberry’s founding guiding vision,  and a live orchestra led by Discovery and Picard theme composer Jeff Russo! All with Mica Burton and Wil Wheaton as hosts.

Yes, live —  panels are viewable online, but also staged live at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles — with a live audience!  Take that, pandemic.  I’ll be there and host of red-carpet VIPS and fans to lend an air of live excitement — finally.

Oh— for the online celebration, there’s also the return of the #StarTrekUnitedCares charity drive: For every single use of that hashtag on any tweet for the 24 hours of Sept. 8,  $1.00 goes to charities aiding justice, equality, the arts and innovation — courtesy of Star Trek from Paramount+ and the Roddenberry Foundation.

Even some special 55th anniversary swag on special at the store site.

Again— all the details are at startrek.com/day.

Everything’s there — except whatever new headlines pop out! Stay tuned…




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