Happy New Year! My thoughts and THANKS from Trekland HQ

Yeah, shame on me.

As all the livestreaming/podcasting has picked up— three times a week!—I do not post here near as much as I should.

I’ve had events, thoughts, special offers all through this insane pandemic/political/justice-fighting year … and  never even given them the light of day here on this “page.”

It sure feels all nice and shiny and a relief to write “2021”  now, but we all know it’s really not a magic number: The pandemic, the social injustice, economic fear and political quackery that plague us… the delay in new Trek! … will not all be magically waved away by this turn of a calendar page.

But here we are, our sanity (and society) saved by virtual comms, like Zoom— as I guessed back in March. I’d like to think that we’re not all just survivors, but —as with every global war, depression or plague of the past — we’ll be silver-liners, too.

All that just to say:

I so appreciate everyone here in  Trekland  for your continued support, especially after a year like 2020. “We know you have many options for your Star Trek sidebar events and deep-dives, and we appreciate you flying with us” — so here’s my gratitude for taking part in the polls, events and offers I share here … much less if you are a viewer/fan of The Trek FilesTrekland Tuesdays LIVE, our new Life Support LIVE that was born of the pandemic… Non-Fiction Fridays for its 13-week Zoom run… and of course, if you’re a customer of Portal 47 and Trekland Treks (remember live tours?).

If our actors and creatives were taking a hit with production shutdowns and convention cancels, little ol’ me was concerned about how a fandom business like my Trekland would fare amid a pandemic, shutdowns, and so much financial anxiety— but we have been okay. It’s been fun watching the world “discover” our virtual livestream tools, though — they’re no secret anymore. But also it’s a revelation that we in the Star Trek “industry”, much like the sports world, have found that fandom passion is exactly how so many of us have coped with this insane life we have to lead for now.

Yes, it has been insane — with careers, families, incomes all disrupted. Even our faith shaken a bit, as many of our fellow Earthers for some reason appear to be ridiculing basic science… or even the basic norms of society, much less common sense.

But hey, “we” have a secret weapon: Star Trek — and each other. I’m not a Pollyanna and I hope I’m not a dunsel, but I know that it all has been a lifeline for many of us. And both fandom and “prodom” have been key to that delivery, livestreaming or otherwise. Aside from my own shows, it’s so fulfilling to be a part of the virtual “save fandom” movement with Virtual Trek Con, Connected Community Con and Tribbles Trivia, Neal’s LockedDown Con, cancelled cons gone virtual like PenguiCon, WonderCon and Comic-Con At Home, and our own LSL Watchalongs.

The key to all of it: keeping connections real and fresh.

So here’s to 2021 and—just like a serialized season of New Dark Trek—to the long climb back to The Light At the End of the Tunnel. With luck we’re get there in even fewer episodes than Picard or Disco!

I’m just honored to be part of your (Up, Up and) Away Team.

So bring on 2021. The Vulcans will say  “LLAP,” but here in Trekland it’s… well, you know:  Trek well, everybody!



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