Happy birthday, DeForest Kelley! Just 101 and you never looked better

Eyes may be focused Washington-ward  today… but don’t forget:
For 101 years, Jan. 20 has always been Jackson DeForest Kelley‘s birthday!

And for about 12 years, celebrating his day in photos has been one standard of TREKLAND—as you can see here, time and again.

This year, we don’t have De in the spotlight, but he is here so we can see his world, long before the 24th century:

It’s a bit of a backstage blooper from the 19th century: From the set of The Law and Jake Wade (1958) where De nominally played a baddie (of course), his black-hatted “Wexler” here just looks to join in for apparently Richard Widmark (center) getting his birthday celebrated by force by co-star Patricia Owens, as Robert Taylor‘s title character gets to laugh as well.

(For a different look at a real moment from this movie with De, take a look.)

And if you have to ask why I’m marking De’s birthday, well… I guess you’re new around these here parts, stranger!
(But you can catch up here.)




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