Happy 51, Star Trek—and Discovery’s shoutout makes even more media history

Yes, just as we always do: Happy birthday, Star Trek— you look great for 51!

We wondered about topping the Big 5-0 last year, and nothing will ever compare—but what just hit me today, after a bit of reflection, really hit home. And it deserves more than a Facebook post.

CBS released a new video of many of the Discovery cast wishing the galaxy a “Happy Star Trek day”—which is itself is history: I can’t embed the video— yet— but check out the still below! And ponder this:

This is the first Trek cast, while in production, to ever make a group video greeting for Star Trek’s birthday.

Which makes sense. Back in the pre-digital days, I remember telling a few close Trek friends “happy anniversary” if I happened to actually see them on a Sept. 8, but the “Star Trek Day” practice (like First Contact Day April 4) didn’t come into vogue until, of course, Facebook and Twitter and hashtags and all the rest—after, say, 2007-2008. After Enterprise had closed up shop in 2005.

Of course, for the 50th, I asked the past crew folk on hand at the biannual picnic to bid greetings for Trekland, but this is a whole new step.

More than the dates of history obviousness aside, it’s also a marker of how much the world has changed since we last had series Trek — as the Great Bird intended!— and how savvy CBS is being in promoting the show, after that interminably slow start while the drydock saga, as we know know, ad its own little shakedown cruise.

It also seems unreal it’s already been a year since we celebrated the 50th with a little local neighborhood party in Hollywood for local fans… much less my own personal thoughts …. but there you are! Trek well, everybody! With Discovery just around the corner to debut Sept. 24/25th it really is a topper to the 50th—making history already.

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