Gallifrey: Even Who fans want Trek, too

I know it’s a already a captive, sold-out audience… again… but even so, just wanted to say I’m excited once again to have a chance THIS Sunday, Feb. 19, to meet all the Who fans Trekking “in their spare time”* at this year’s LA Gallifrey One con, hosted by my friend Shaun Lyon for the umpteenth of its 28 years at the con-venerable LAX Marriott, of course.

Thanks to my business retreat I’ll only make it for Sunday, but I’ll see our regulars at 3 pm in Program E to share and Trekland-talk about all that’s new with Discovery, Star Trek Continues and my own The Con of Wrath doc now going into the edit bay… plus some Portal 47 excitement as well. And who knows what else!

Shaun has found me a table for my one day, as well, so come prepared to get into a quickie prize drawing as usual for the Portal or a Trekland Trunk artifact!




*As opposed to Arguing.

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