EXTENDED: Rebound into 2021 Trek with Portal 47’s easiest path to access

UPDATE:  Gift time’s over, but what about yourself? This missed a lot of folks with all the distractions, so I’ve extended the P47 holiday offer: but hurry—ends at midnight Tuesday, Jan. 5.
If Pandemic 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how much we need to stay in touch, despite Zoom fever.

Here in our realm of starships and soundstages,  I call that “Trekonnection.”

And here’s some news for all y’all who have been watching and waiting for the right time to jump in with the Portales and our monthly package of exposing even more of Trek’s unseen coolness and unheard-from voices.

With five years’ hindsight, it’s funny what I never realized til now: Portal 47 is meant to be  a deep-dive to bring even more Star Trek to fans who have no idea how much they still have no idea about.

What I didn’t count on besides all that was pioneering the virtual, live connections of Trekfans, all across the world — just in time for Modern Trek to go global.

And to be already standing and serving when the COVID-cornered world found en masse it needed “going virtual” as a lifeline in ALL things…. much less Trek fandom.

Personally, I’m so gratified that fans continue to find and resonate with my various projects done the big-picture Trekland way— not the same-o, same-o from the rest of the Net. And last year’s “Portal in a Box” gift idea was the most popular Portal47 special ever offered: Affordable as a “gift that keeps on giving” (six months!) — BUT “wrapped up” (with real swag) in an actual gift box you can give in person.

This year? Seems only natural for an encore, so here it is, again. A rare half-year startup offer: six months for the price of four ($50 off!), plus swag.

(And there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself— in case no one else got the Trek memo.).


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