Now through #ExtensionWednesday! CyberMonday in Portal 47! Get 2 new features NOW only, before it’s too late

(UDPATE: Due to email tech issues, deal cut-off is now #ExtensionWednesday /28th, midnight local time! )

Treksters, you know how proud and excited I am to keep building Portal 47, my project for Trekland past, present and future.
So, what kind of a new, crazy idea can I hatch for Cyber Monday that will grab both your attention and your gut, so you know that a leap into deep-diving with our growing community of Portales around the globe is THE thing to do now?

A real money deal on a ticking clock, or a new fun bonus experience? How about BOTH?
So, aside from up to 10 monthly features and two live opportunities in our “mini-con all year long,” joining TODAY gets you
—A multi-hour LIVE GLOBAL and  VIRTUAL TeleParty  on Saturday, Dec. 15:  you can “Ask Me Anything” , win trivia and doorprizes, meet all the other new (and current) Portales… AND chat with some special Trek folk, including past Portal guests.

—Oh, and a chance in a drawing amid new sign-ups only for one of TWO copies of this year’s great Star Trek Lost Scenes TOS coffee table book of restored film clip frames.

You’re a coin counter? How about this: Today also gets you an option I’ve never offered:
—Pay a full year in advance (via PayPal), but get 12 months for the price of 11! Your  12th month is free.

—Whether you take the upfront/discount, which goes away again after Cyber Today, or the regular monthly PayPal billing …

It goes away after this.

See it all TODAY at — as well as all the regular deets of P47, and the PayPal links for either option.

(UDPATE: Again, due to email tech issues, deal cut-off is now #ExtensionWednesday /28th, midnight local time! )



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