Coming to L.A.’s WhedonCon Saturday? Amid the Joss-ery, I’ll be bringing Trek!

I mean, really. I find Trek peeps at a Who con every year … why not Joss Whedon’s fandom?

So yeah— look for a little Star Trek in the ‘Verse this Saturday!  It’s a Trek oasis at fan-run WhedonCon. Will anybody need a drink?

I came across WhedonCon’s open-ended focus beyond its namesake  thanks to my friend and The Con of Wrath DP Neal Hallford as he and co-prouer wife Jana launche this newest venture, a series of Serlingesque “radio plays” titled Unchartered Regions .. and the panel for the first episode starring Gigi Edgley that he graciously Deputized me for. Literally.

That said, I enquired—and had my Trekness embraced 100% in the mix of things by the organizers… so there you go.

I’ll see you on SATURDAY:

—Noon, Room G: Adding to Neal and Jana’s Unchartered Regions panel with Gigi et al. for the pilot, “The Haunted Hills.”

—1:30-3 : Signing and offering books, Trekland CDs, Stellar Cartography, and a Portal 47 Trek Oasis offer.

—3 pm, Room C:  My own “Disco Was My First (Trek)” sequel panel to WonderCon’s —more of hunting the elusive “DFF” (Discovery Fan First)— though all are welcome.

—4-6 pm:  Back at the table!

—7 pm — then I’ll see folks at the Evening Reception.

We will of course have a One-Day Wonder special for joining Portal 47—with a drink on me!—and a drawing for a two-month comp too!

Just get by if you are there.



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