When it comes to Portal 47, one day is too short for Cyber Monday—so add two!

So, my emergency computer reshuffle over Thanksgiving (how was your holiday?)  delayed all the grand plans I had for Cyber Monday this year in Portal 47.

I mean, what better day for offering extras to join something like our high-tech Trek mini-con all year long?

In truth, I only have a big enrollment push around our Anniversary Open House tie and during the holidays.

This one just didn’t get out as early as I’d meant to. So, I decided it made sense to extend it two days to make up.

It’s is all laid out at the Portal webpage, where you need to go to see all the features and click in, anyway.

So, sure — the 3 hours of of our last two big Open House guests (we have guests every month, of course)  PLUS the “Five Secret Star Trek Easter Egg Names” (see below?)  is a goofy fun excuse for an open hour-long call for any new 47er with me. Then you still get this year’s regular holiday gifts from me to you … much less the new-era Trek deep-dive fan experience that is still like no other.

If I ever get my computer capacity back, I’ll share some of our happy Portales with you.

Much less all the Trek gift folks and Star Trek Continues vidchats I was gonna get done over Thanksgiving weekend… grrr.

(Thanks to those of you who watched Trekland Tuesdays LIVE this week, where I first announced I was adding on the extra two days…and took advantage already! If that’s you, just kindly pass it along.)



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