Check out these Trek-related virtual panels at LockDownCon starting today

I was supposed to be “back home” right now in OKC/Norman for SoonerCon… the latest lost con on 2020’s hit list.

Instead, I’ll be on a LIVE and FREE virtual panel this weekend, along with other Trek folks (John Billingsley, and Andre Bormanis twice) and many more, for LockDownCon — an online event that was likely about the first, before the fad! In the works since the early days of #stayhome way back in March.

And I should  know: My buddies (and The Con of Wrath DP/co-horts) Neal and Jana Hallford have assembled this beast all on their own — along with sponsors to help spread the word. And my own Portal 47 of Trekland is proud to be among them.

Yes, I know Galaxy Con has more Trek and other virtual going, and likley others too.
Here at LockDownCon, there’s  SIXTY authors, TV and film writers, creatives, artists and academics in all. Across all genres and franchises. Plus the Sword and Circuitry Film Festival in two-hour blocks of shorts, trailers, and full lengths.

It’s designed as a replacement to San Diego Comic-Con, cancelled til 2021 — which does have its own @Home event coming over SDCC weekend starting July 23.  But in contrast to those pre-recorded panels,  today through Sunday you can get in on LIVE panels, with a host of creatives and topics.

AND with live Q&A interaction.

You can view at the website, or the con’s YouTube or Facebook pages:
Today/Friday   5:30 pm – 12 midnight … Saturday 11 am – 9 pm … Sunday 12 noon to4:30 pm — all times Pacific.

The whole three-day schedule can be seen here (big scroll) along with an intro video, all the guests and sponsors too.

But here’s your Trek folks involved, all on Saturday:

— 2 pm PT Sat:  “Optimism & The Futures of Sci-Fi Worlds” (panelists here)   
Larry Nemecek, Andre Bormanis, plus Dr. Ali Mattu (my “Life Support LIVE” weekly YT/podcast co-host), J. Hotham, Andrew Dana Hudson

—3 pm PT :  “Restoring Scientific Thought In America”
Andre B. again is on this panel, with Dr. Mary Jo Ondrechen, Dr. Jyotika Virmani, Dr. Gene Hallford, Dr. Luis Echegoyen; Neal as moderator.

—4 pm PT:  John Billingsley will lead a cast Q&A panel following the “audio screening” of the “Haven” episode of Uncharted Regions, (nothing to do with the TNG episode!)— Neal & Jana H’s half-hour radio dramas in a TZ vibe.

Also, at 9m PT TONIGHT (Friday)—  the latest The Con of Wrath teaser kicks off Block I of the Film Festival, first up!

Please join our panel Saturday if you can!  Or any of it all.



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