Catch up, catch on each week to shorty Trekland Tuesdays LIVE on my Facebook!

Can’t believe I haven’t posted here yet about my newest “little” channel, Trekland Tuesdays LIVE.

Each week at 1 pm Pacific/4 pm Eastern / 9 pm UK time at  Larry Nemecek’s Trekland  on Facebook, I’m now bringing out a little more “face to face” commentary, as it were.

This week’s piece was my angle on the echoes of recent Trek I felt now with the anti-Who female Doctor casting… and some thoughts about San Diego Comic-Con (and my plans) even if (like most humans) you can’t be there in person.

My goal is not to duplicate the same-o same-o headlines you hear everywhere else in mainstream and fan media, but to bring that Dr. Trek style of a slightly new point-of-view to dot-connecting when it comes to Trek old and, now, new.

In a 5-10 minute bite-size morsel. For the more visual-bent among us. And where you can comment live, or do it later after the video is archived.

So, now you can SEE me—out from behind the interview camera, the various podcasts’ mic (busy week!) or the Portal 47 private wall—and hopefully make some sense in a live setting.

It won’t replace any of those nor our blog posts here, but it’s a much faster and cleaner way to get word out when Trek news hits or fan reactions go crazy. As you can see, it’s low-budget, too!

Plus, the regular weekly “office hours” might just help some make it a habit. Eventually I’ll get smoooooth enough to respond back to live comments, hopefully.

Meanwhile, there’s now NINE past episodes on the archive… and you can catch up there first, assuming I survive Comic-Con to be back next week. Share the weekly outings or the whole Facebook archive  too, if you would!

Now stay tuned … as I have even MORE “communicating” news to drop this week—and in a much bigger forum!


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