It’s a blue shirt reunion for SoonerCon: Todd Haberkorn joins in on my home trek

SoonerCon is just around the corner, fans—and if you’ve never been before, this is the year, anime or Star Trek Continues peeps: buddy Todd Haberkorn brightens my June 23-25 weekend among the homies this year, and I can’t wait.

Yep, Tood was Spock to my onetime McCoy from early STCs, and this blue-shirt reunion in red dirt land is part of another booming year for SoonerCon. And yes, it’s a whole range of fanfundom for all ages and interests—and these days they’re coming from way beyond Oklahoma and the neighbor states.

There’s still plenty of membership passes—the early-bird rate goes through Thursday, June 22!—and while the host Sheraton is sold out, several hotels with rooms are just a block away around the Reed Conference Center, off I-40 and Sooner Road (how appropos).

For those not familiar with Sooner geo, Midwest City is the adjacent suburb east of downtown OKC literally 5 minutes away down I-40, where they keep Tinker Air Force base and the huge AWACs planes.

I’ll be holding up the Trek end of things and hosting to boot…. Todd is your anime star …. but the rest of the guests reflect sci-fi and fantasy authors, artists, gaming, indie film and production, cosplay LARPing, and all the goodies. Check updates on the Facebook page as well as Twitter and Instagram.


Meanwhile, here’s MY specific schedule, or when I can tear myself away from Braum’s— I’ll also be at opening, closing, and the Friends of SoonerCon reception Friday night:


3 pm Ballrm E —Larry Trekland: Discover-ing TNG at 30— If you’re lookin’ for your traditional best-of-Trekland media circus and current events, here you go! Bloopers and in-jokes with an edge on the commentary, of course.

9 pm Sheraton Restrnt — SoonerCon @Midnight: Worst Book Ever: Yes, I again host a sequel to last year’s frankensteined novel competition from otherwise competent authors— and we need audience to pick the winners each round!


11 am Theater—State of the Trek Forum— Here’s where you come and sound off to me and each other about all things currently Trek, and I try to either correct you or just keep the wheels on the road.

1 pm Maynard Rm — Monster In an Hour: Once again I am host to four talented pro artists in a quick-draw battle of wits as they collaborate with the audience —so you better be out there!

3 pm Ballrm D — Star Trek Continues screening Ep. 8: Todd and I panelize before/after this bigscreen Blu viewing of the latest from STC, “Still Treads the Shadow”—guest starring BSG’s Rekha Sharma, just announced among the Discovery cast!

10 pm Parlor Rm — Dr. Trek Show Crowdfunder:
Your last chance to help “The Con of Wrath” in OKC in this annual show of support, sneak-peeks, and secret stuff from real-life Trekland and my doc, now wrapping up! Donation for screen credit and chance at trivia prizes is $20 or more.


11 am Maynard—Star Trek’s Diplomatic All-Stars— An actual old-school panel! Of five! Plus me as moderator: “Diplomacy as a storytelling tool.”

2 pm Ballrm F — Enterprise in Space 2021, For Real: Yes, an update on the real-world global program for orbiting student works and collaborating with aerospace and education leaders for the future! With help from Oklahoma Space Alliance peeps, local chapter of sponsoring National Space Society.




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