Are you in range? Come see us at fun YumaCon in Arizona this weekend!

Well, this will be fun!

I’m at another live event again — this time a small but intimate mission down to the 6th annual YumaCon in Yuma, Arizona!

With my sometimes-partner-in-crime John Champion.


Driving down to explore the scenery for the first time.
(And I’ll be scouting yet another Trek filming location for Trekland Treks options.)

We’ll be repping our Roddenberry podcasts The Trek Files and Mission Log, and I’ll have a light footprint too for all things Trekland.

Look for our table for visiting, a prize drawing, and a stage panel on Saturday.


And hey, Treklanders:  Yuma is deceptively close to San Diego and Los Angeles as well as Phoenix and Tempe, two to five hours!

It’s right on Interstate 8, tucked right into the corner of California,  Arizona and Mexico.

Hope some of our Treklanders can make a day of it, or even stay over and enjoy the rustic Southwest charm of the town. WE will be!





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