Amid the Virtual Trek Con 6-day blitz, check out our podcaster panel Sunday

Well, just like the pandemic that sparked it…. THIS sure blew up fast.

Only, in a good way.

In case you hadn’t heard, Virtual Trek Con is running NOW— quick! Go see! All organized by my buddy (and fellow Tellarite) Ryan T. Husk and The 7th Rule podcast.

And from modest roots it has exploded into six days of mostly live panels ranging from backstage folks and fan panels of interest, to front-line actors yessiree — Doug Jones and Michelle Hurd, from latest Treks, too

The full schedule is up here.

Our pre-recorded panel of six podcasters, led by Ryan, can be seen live at 10 AM PT/ 1 pm ET Sunday — but will also have live streaming chat.

Beyond myself of The Trek Files/Life Support LIVE and Ryan, you’ve got his co-host Cirroc “Jake Sisko” Lofton himself,  Jarrah Hodge / Women at Warp, Brandon-Shea Mutala / Infinite Diversity, and Bill Smith/ The Trek Geeks.

—SEE IT at this link at its LIVE 10 AM PT Sunday time:

—Repeated for Asian and other global fans at 9:45 PM  Sunday/ 12:45 AM ET Monday  at a different site— and again with live streaming chat:


VTC is nominally trying to fill the other big summer void for Star Trek news and connection, #STLV — and in a way beyond “just” all-actor panels from, STLV’s Creation, and others.


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