After 6 years (!), I’m headed back to Phoenix Fan Fusion—finally!

I can’t believe it’s been that long — since 2016? And you can’t even blame it on the pandemic.

But hello again, finally,  Phoenix Fan Fusion (formerly Comic-Con) this weekend.

PFF was knocked out by COVID since 2020… and even before that, there were hiccups before that kept me away, after five straight guestings. But no longer!

(PFF was the site of the first TNG 25th anniversary cast reunion  that I moderated — and then it became a year-long tour thing.
Phoenix was also the site of my very first LiveDive meetup of Portal 47 members — who otherwise meet virtually (and were doing so in 2015, way before Zoom, guys).

Like everyone else post-pan, PFF is rebuilding — and they have Kate, Tim, Anthony and Doug as Trek guests, atop a big program of Trek panels and events.

A filtered schedule of ALL Trek events, all streamlined, is here.

And I’ll be right in the middle of it!  Including our greater Phoenix Portal 47ers as well as Trekofiles, TTLers—and even some Lifers, I’ll bet.
Look at this schedule! And in between I’ll be at Booth 336 — right next to our STO friend, Thomas Marrone.

(Make sure to check out this unique Saturday night mixer for Trek fans of all stripes, with cash bar — INSIDE the con space! I’ll be there with my Trekland Treks and Portal 47 Briefing Party,  a meetup within a meetup:

See direct links for each panel, below the square:



Fri 3pm   

Fri 6pm

Sat 3pm

Sat 7:30pm

Sat 9pm  — TREK MIXER and cash bar

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