A LIVE panel and 5 days of virtual booth: we’re back at Virtual Trek Con 2 *now*

News of the not-unexpected cancellation of STLV in December, and delay until another August slot, makes this timing perfect:

Just when Trek peeps are missing cons again … here comes Virtual Trek Con 2 THIS weekend, FIVE days from today/Thursday through Monday.

And all FREE! (PayPal donations are accepted, however.)

The first edition only last July was such a hit, our friends Ryan and Cirroc and the 7th Rule Podcast team are back at it again.

And this time, there’s a virtual vendor’s/dealer’s room Promenade with over 40 booths! Me included.

Over 40 “virtual” vendors are open for 90 minutes a day, all in the same time frame— but different, each day.

Otherwise, panels (and panel repeats for global timeframes) are ongoing — all in the hosts’ own web homes— most on Zoom.

There’s lots of good ones— just look at this guest list! And not just actors: DS9’s Ira Stephen Behr, and including showrunner Mike McMahan from the just-wrapped Lower Decks Season 1, too.  Lots of other creatives, too — and even makeup demos, plus podcasters and lots of fandom niches.

Check here for the overall panel list, and here for the vendors and their schedule and individual links. Not all vendors will be “open” all five days, so check the schedule closely!

Most of all, you are invited for MY panela LIVE session Monday  with my Life Support LIVE co-host Dr. Ali Mattu and YOUR chat stream comments. It’s “Star Trek and Mental Health: Hits AND Misses,”  at 8:45 am PT/ 11:45 am ET / 4:45 BST / 5:45 CEST.   Here’s the YouTube Live direct link  (or check that lmainlink for the ID and password.)

As for me, I’ll be there all five days at this Zoom “booth” — some days with a surprise, so stay tuned. Maybe even some READINGS.

We kick off today (see my schedule graphic below) at 11:30 am PT/ 2:30 pm ET (and of course, 7:30 pm BST / 8:30 pm CEST).

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