A holiday special from Life Support LIVE: A July 4 “Insurrection” Viewing Party!

Saturday the Fourth (of July) is a holiday in the U.S., obviously. But Saturday is also, 12 weeks in, the day Dr. Ali and I do Life Support Live — much to my growing enjoyment and pride.

And we almost didn’t do a show on the holiday.

But then we said, “Let’s do a special!”  How about… a watch party! Normal time and spaces. People aren’t going anywhere, right?

But now… what Star Trek outing is a great match for American Independence Day?Please, lord, not The Omega Glory again.

No, we hashed it out and finally came up with …


Rebellion, standing on principles, David-vs-Goliath, forced relocation of natives— what other Trek truly says Fourth of July? (Not to mention body image, alternate perceptions of reality, mid-life romance and other typical Life Support Live topics… 😄)

Join us as usual: 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm BST/7pm CEST
Right on @Larry Nemecek’s Trekland Facebook for the best chat experience (no Skype calls this week). Or if you prefer: YouTube “Larry Nemecek” or Twitch “LSL Host”

All the features of Life Support LIVE, still, but interwoven as we comment.

But it’s BYOM (BYOD?): Just cue up and be ready to hit START on your own DVD/Bluray INS disk after our brief intro … or catch it now streaming on Hoopla, DirecTV, ePix, Sling. Or rent from Amazon, GooglePlay, AppleTV, YouTube, Vudu, DirecTV and more.
OR HEY—a free link at Tubi TV!:
(any commercials— just fast-forward immediately after the breaks for a couple minutes)

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