Life Support LIVE weekly edition will end with grand finale for Virtual Trek Con 3

We began in the early pandemic—April 18, 2020  to be exact — trying to help Star Trek fans “go boldly in uncertain times” in those early, uncertain and yes fearful weeks.

Dr. Trek and Dr. Ali Mattu: one of us being “a real doctor.”

But as we just announced on-air live Saturday, Life Support LIVE in its WEEKLY form is ending March 19 — after 88 weekly epsiodes.

You see, there’s a new little one due at the Mattus  in May — congrats! — which is time-altering enough, right there.

We began Episode 1 saying we doing this weekly Trek/mentla health mashup “for the duration” — an old World War II comfort phrase for the unknowable length of daily upheavals like rationing, missing family, life interrupted. For a pandemic it seemed apt — but now, thankfully, the world does seem to be getting back to (new) normal. Our projects, at least, are certainly taking up more time, again (even apart from new babies!).

But, hey—this is so long, not goodbye!
While the weekly show is ending after almost two years, our FORMAT is going nowhere!
Ali and I are so proud of this corner of “LSL” and its impact that we are keeping the idea alive. We’re thinking popping it up for future live con panels, and even occasional livestream specials (like the premieres and finales of Trek series, and other special moments).

Plus, the Life Support LIVE  video archive and the edited-down audio podcast versions are here to stay, too.

And we are certainly grateful for the new connections we’ve both made — and fostered. Our “Lifers” community and regulars are a bonus we never dreamed we’d have — and the Life Support LIVE Facebook grouo and Discord will be around, as well.

So—look for two more regular episodes before the finale March 19.

One note: THIS weekend is a special time: two hours and one day later— 12 noon PT / 1 pm ET / 8 pm UK … on *SUNDAY*, March 6.

Now, our finale show will not be a typical format, and teh special is TBA.
Not only that, but we’ll be featured once again as part of the Virtual Con 3 schedule!

AND, thanks to the quirk of the calendar, Ali and I will be TOGETHER in-person for that final weekly show.

All at our regular time — 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern, 6 pm UK time, 7 pm Central Europe

Got an idea for our finale (for now) on March 19?
Let us know on
our Facebook page!  Or even tell us here.

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