19 years ago, we lost DeForest Kelley

As you longtime Treklanders know, I always like to mark DeForest Kelley‘s birthday… his passing date, not so much. Even though I always stop to think about it.

But June 11 is a bittersweet Trek date in a month that is otherwise filled with happy ones, like movie premiere and finale anniversaries.  As a kid, long before any bloody A,B, C, or D arose to compete … McCoy the character I knew so well, and De the man I knew not at all, were simply my favorite. Those late-in-life catch-up moments that came finally, in L.A., are the ones I truly treasure.

Next year will be an unbelievable two decades since his incredible life and career (and painful final months) came to an end, and I will save up for some fresh reflections from the perspective of even more  years passing, as I did when Leonard’s loss made me see De in some new ways, too.

Till then, let me share with you these thoughts from back in only the fourth year of Trekland, over on the archived old blog—on the 13th anniversary of De’s passing.



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  1. Mr Kelly was of all the cast my favourite, witty yet serene and I bet a very Staunt sense of humour.
    May you rest in peace , and boldly fly through the stars for eternity.
    Live long and prosper !

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