57 times on Trek.fm since 2011? Seriously, you have to be kidding


My how time flies.

My buddy and On Speaker collaborator Chris Jones, the founder/head honcho of the incredible Trek.fm podcast network, first snagged me to join him back in 2011 on Episode TWO of The Ready Room, his flagship show on the network.

Apparently I’ve now done a total of 56 more across the network since then— over two dozen with Chris on TRR. There’s a separate podcast series for each Trek series, plus overall Trek news, music, books, fan films, psychology, the creators’ careers…

As this arena first blew up in the late Aughts, I debated whether to do my own audio Trek podcast. With so many others starting up out there, though, I decided to hold off to develop a truly different kind of paradigm for sharing, finally, and instead opted to go on most any podcast I was asked.

That apparently amounts to 57 visits or co-hostings to date at Trek.fm alone—many Trek projects and opines later—and now this list of them all has just been updated on both iTunes and Libsyn (RSS).

Oh—and there’s a whole slew of other podcast episodes there, too. Besides mine. If fact, they’re the vast majority, and many hosts. Might give them a listen, too.






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