After 12 years, the Fallow Times are finally over—and check the visual irony

It hit me last night: the irony imagery is amazing—intentional or not.

Those of you who’ve read or listened in Trekland  lo these many years since 2005 have often heard me talk about The Fallow Times of no Trek since Enterprise‘s demise. (Yeah, yeah the JJ movies—but I mean real Trek: that is, episodic TV Trek.)

On many podcasts or my own Switching to Visual vidchats, or now Trekland Tuesdays LIVE, I’ve also called it 12 years of Wandering In the Wilderness… or In the Desert. Biblical allusions are always fun, right?

And now we are hours away from the END of the Fallow Times.



It’s been a painful, lonely vigil—and yet, in the vacuum, we’ve seen the invention and rise of ever-more complex ways to take up the slack: great gaming, the fan films, and of course social media and other platforms for deep-diving.

But now, as surely as the finale of Enterprise left us with a bleak, uncertain future … not helped by the JJ gang declining to flesh out their alt-universe with a live or even animated series … this day, Sept. 24, is just as landmark. Looking at it that way, it feels like Dec. 7, 1979… or the week of Sept. 28, 1987: The end to a long drought of no Trek.

Now, we’ve seen this image since the first actual Discovery scenes trailer emerged last spring. But only did it hit me last night:

It’s so fitting: We actually get back to series Trek where the first thing we see is our new heroes Georgiou and Burnham …  literally Wandering In the Desert, too.

Until they get themselves home. And take us all with them.

A planned visual metaphor for fandom? Or just a happy accident that makes us all look brilliant?

Either way, IT is over.

And once again… Star Trek Lives!













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