STV: Quick chats with our new Discovery cast & crew from San Diego Comic-Con

Finally— here’s most of my 20 minutes on video with the Discovery folks we were able to grab in the red-carpet rope line at DSC’s post-panel press events.

We had no clue what had been said in the Ballroom 20 mass panel, but I wanted to get at my subjects with typically Trekland angles—or so I hoped.

Enjoy! And just know that I did enjoy teasing these working actors and producers that, even given our current 24/7 pop culture marinade, that their Trek work will still be scrutinized decades from now. No pressure!

Of course, stay tuned to all the mounting and ongoing Discovery news right here… and now on my Trekland Tuesday LIVE right on Facebook: 10 minutes or so of Dr. Trek dot-connecting commentary right out of Trekland HQ, the Portal 47 way!



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