STV: Rekha Sharma is the latest guest to join the Star Trek Continues crew

Now that Star Trek Continues‘ eighth and latest episode is out, “Still Treads the Shadow,” I can share this delightful on-set chat I had with guest star Rekha Sharma (below the fold), best known to many of you amid a busy career  as Tory Foster on the rebooted Battlestar Galactica.

Except… something here is not quite what you see in the episode. Did you catch it?

Even though my STC time as Dr. McCoy is past, remaining on as creative consultant does allow a few… perks. Getting to meet, know and admire Rekha’s work aboard a starship are just three of them. Her “Avi Samara” here is yet another great guest role STC has developed for actors to sink their teeth into. And one with a real challenge, as you’ll see.

Plus, Rekha is an old Trek fangirl from way back. No poser here!
Enjoy — and stay tuned for a whole backlog of STC video sit-downs I have in the  can, as this amazing fan film series winds up the commitment it made to donor fans before the recent CBS fan-films guidelines changed up the dynamic of the “genre.” Meanwhile, catch the latest on Star Trek Continues at its website and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr!

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