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Portal 47   4th Anniversary
Open House Telebriefing 

with DS9’s

Robert Hewitt Wolfe

‘Open’ to the public!

Join us on Tuesday, Oct. 22, at 7 p.m. Pacific/ 10 pm Eastern, for a special Portal 47 Open House to mark the start of our fifth year …virtual, of course!

With DS9 writer-producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe, who got into the Trek groove after selling and writing “A Fistful of Data” for TNG. He served for Seasons 1-5 and then was part of Ira’s reassembled writers’ room for the “Season 8 premiere” for the DS9 doc, What We Left Behind.

Robert joins us for this annual event for the public as did our past Open House headliners  Robert Butler, David Livingston, Michael Westmore,  and René Echevarria

On Oct. 22 during the Open House guest section at 8 pm PT, we’ll touch on his  contributions and memories of scripts and people  from Trek, on webcam, with visuals … preceded at 7 pm PT  by a sample of our other Portal 47 live telebriefing format: an “Ask Dr. Trek” Roundtable—a virtual open mic night for everyone.

These live and recorded telebriefings are the apex of the features Portal 47 deep-divers enjoy every month. They are like a conference call: you can listen in via phone, and/or visuals over online link… and even send questions in advance.

Ask about their work and Trek choices  … or any of the writers, producers, designers or crew and cast they worked with.

Here’s Robert’s IMDB and Memory Alpha (Trek wiki) pages to help get you started on those pre-submitted questions.

But first…better click in to save your seat, get the event info, and get in line for pre-event goodies!

Yes, save my spot!