Michael Westmore

Portal 47 Spring 2018 Open House Telebriefing  with Oscar- and multiple Emmy winner, makeup maestro Mike Westmore

Open to the public!

Join us on Wednesday, May 16, at 7 p.m. Pacific/ 10 pm Eastern, for a special Portal 47 Spring Open House with MICHAEL WESTMORE, the guru designer of Star Trek makeup for 18 years of TV and movies — open to all, and your pre-submitted questions! We’ll include his famous family and Hollywood work, but the focus of course is all his Trek years and creations… including those he worked with, on and off camera.

This special telebriefing is typical of the regular features Portal 47 deep-divers enjoy every month. It’s like a conference call: you can listen in via phone, and/or visuals over online link… and even send questions in advance for Mike. Here’s his IMDB and Memory Alpha (Trek wiki) pages to get you started!

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