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Portal 47   6th Anniversary
Open House Telebriefing  –  Nov. 15

with Lower Decks’ creator/showrunner

Mike McMahan

‘Open’ to the public!

Join us on Monday, Nov. 15, at 6:30 p.m. Pacific/ 9:30 pm Eastern, for a special Portal 47 Open House to mark the start of our seventh year …virtual, of course!

And with us at 7/9 pm is Lower Decks’ creator-showrunner Mike McMahan, one of the biggest fanboys to have ever been handed the keys to a Star Trek. Forget his years on Rick & Morty: Mike showed his Trek cred early on with WARPED, the Guide to the Never-Aired 8th Season of ST:TNG.

Mike joins us for this annual event for the public as did our past Open House headliners  Robert Butler, David Livingston, Michael Westmore,  René Echevarria, Robert Hewitt Wolfe, and David Carson  …

On Nov. 15 during the Open House guest section, we’ll touch on Mike’s own road to Trek, as a fan and a pro— and the roots of Lower Decks and the process behind it …

Preceded by a sample half-hour of our other Portal 47 live telebriefing format: an “Ask Dr. Trek” Roundtable—a virtual open mic night for everyone. And a half-hour afterward.

These live and recorded telebriefings are the apex of the features Portal 47 deep-divers enjoy every month. As they do all year, on Nov. 15 you can listen in via phone, and/or Zoom over a virtual online link… and even send questions in advance.

Here’s Mike’s IMDB and Memory Alpha (Trek wiki) and actual Wikipedia pages to help get you started on those pre-submitted questions… and of course they have all the Lower Decks links you could want.

But first… click the blue button to save your seat, get the event info, and get in line for Trek door prizes that night!

Yes, save my spot!