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Yes, save my spot!

Bunker Trek!

7 pm PT/ 10 pm ET —Wed., March 25

Y’all Come… to a special Open-Door

Portal 47 Guest Telebriefing 

with TNG prop/set artist

Elaine Sokoloff

‘Open’ to the public!

In times of COVID and quarantine, money worries and work dangers, we do have one thing in our favor : OUR TREK! And each other.

So with a regular Portal 47 Guest Night telebriefing on tap anyway, what better timing for throwing open the Portal “doors” and giving everyone a night of all-new insights from a Trek creative voice rarely if ever heard from.

Join us THIS Wednesday, March 25, at 7 p.m. Pacific/ 10 pm Eastern, for this special Portal 47 open-door night …virtual, of course!

With TNG art department artist Elaine Sokoloff, whose three early years at  TNG are surprisingly iconic yet widely unheralded — let’s fix that! 

During this open-to-all Portal guest night,  we’ll touch on her  contributions and memories of projects and people  from Trek, on webcam, with visuals !

These live and recorded telebriefings are the apex of the features Portal 47 deep-divers enjoy every month. They are like a conference call: you can listen in via phone, and/or visuals over online link… enjoy the chat room on the side …and even send questions in advance; her work and Trek choices  … or any of the writers, producers, designers or crew and cast she worked with.

Here’s Elaine’s IMDB and Memory Alpha (Trek wiki) pages to help get you started on those pre-submitted questions. But bear in mind, both pages are INCOMPLETE , and we’ll hear more.

But first…please click in on the blue button to let me know you’re coming your seat, and get the event info sent to you! (Including how to sent questions in advance.)

Hope to see you. TREK WELL!

Yes, save my spot!