(Pardon the rushed recycled Christmas graphics, but this is now!)

COVID-19,  quarantine, money, work... Staying connected with each other is *so* important right now, to keep an even keel!    Fortunately, we have TREK to help, right?

And as conventions and local meetups cancel, I want to use my businesses to help bridge the gaps and bring the Trek, as always.

Here's the latest of those Trek events and offers to get through CV19 cabin-fever days, right now:

TREKMAS IN MARCH: It's just my historic holiday deal for Portal 47, pulled back out of the Christmas closet early. We always say Portal 47 is like a mini-con every month, all year long. What better way to get Trekconnected?


See all the monthly / annual features of Portal 47 >>>  here.

BUT ... don't click there!
Use *THE BUTTON BELOW* for this limited-time intro package:

In four years we've never before made a holiday offer like this — but hurry: it ends Dec. 31 FINAL extended  JAN. 3***MARCH 31 for CV CABIN FEVER CURE REPRISE ***

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Get CLEAR on Star Trek 2020!

It's the perfect way to deep-dive ALL that's coming with Dr. Trek 

AND check out his monthly backstage Trek deep-dive package

and community you've heard so much about.

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Join “Dr. Trek,” Larry Nemecek, for a deeper dive into all things Trek

New to Trek and overwhelmed?  Longtimer tired of the same-ol', same-ol' ? Get ready to engage on a whole new level... and go where no savvy fan has gone before!

Portal 47 is like a “mini con” all year long — from wherever your "center seat" sits ....  hosted by Dr. Trek!

Go where no savvy fan has gone before…

  • Unheard Stories

    Tales from the Trek trenches you've likely never heard before, with live access to Trek cast and crew

  • Exclusive Archives

    Download rare video, audio, documents, and images monthly from Larry’s own work and private archives

  • Private Meetups

    “Live Dives” in person whenever Larry is a con guest near you — plus a 24/7 exclusive Facebook community

  • Advance Access

    Early-access previews of content created for the TREKLAND blog, including upcoming vidchats and posts.

For years I've wanted to find a way to share with Trek fans my front-row Star Trek experiences, archives and especially crew contacts... but in a whole new way. Books, magazines, even audio or podcasts all seemed so slow and limited.

So now, I'm thrilled to present an all-new doorway to the 24th Century… using the best in 21st century tools! A boutique beam-in backstage pass… for a deep-dive like no other:


It's like a mini-con all year long —beamed right to your own center seat! Wherever that may be.

I thought I knew Trek! After one call with Larry I realized I don’t even know what I don’t know. Larry’s unmatched access and archives are a treasure trove of Trek… all the calls have been a blast!

Stay in orbit


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