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TREKLAND: On Speaker


"Larry, I have listened to 'On Speaker' and it is something special. Thank you so much for putting this out. It would be a sin to lose this. I recommend this to anyone interested in Trek!"—Ronald B. Moore, Star Trek Visual Effects 1987-2005


VOL. 4




                                           The latest in our CD series

              that opens up our decades of interviews,

                                      now remastered for fans


casettes interviews Trekland Nemecek boxesFirst, the bad news:

For two decades, boxes and boxes of my cassette tapes of TREKLAND creator interviews have sat unused.


And worst of all, unheard—the vast majority not even transcribed and out in print.

The good news?

Thanks to the digital revolution, that’s all changing now. Hundreds of hours of Trek talk are being sorted, saved and finally shared.


That's why I’m so proud to present this CD series, TREKLAND: On Speaker—with a new edition debuted each year at the Vegas Star Trek convention since 2012. On each CD, you won’t get just sound bites or even a few sentences, as you expect even with DVD bonus features—but extended conversations with writers, producers, designers and all manner of crew, on-stage and off...from the days when memories were very fresh with the memory of their work.


Latest release!

VOL. 4: “Voyager's Pilot: Taking Care of 'Caretaker' ”


For our fourth edition, we mark 2015 as the 20th anniversary of the premiere of Voyager—and thus our latest big chunks of old analog cassette tapes made digitally remastered are all about "Taking Care of 'Caretaker' "(see front cover) ! For digging up the roots of the show that gave us Talaxians, EMHs and Seven of Nine from here to teh Delts Quadrant, you'll hear nearly an hour and 20 minutes from these long archival chats, never released before—with co-creator / exec producer and Janeway's virtual character mother JERI TAYLOR, plus production designer RICHARD JAMES, VFX producer DAN CURRY and the late, great director RICK KOLBE—with comments and tales you've never heard before… And, as always: these clips are long, leisurely, and ALL IN THEIR OWN VOICES, from WINTER 1994 and SPRING 1995, to be exact.

(—order below—!)



VOL. 3: “DS9's Finale: What They Left Behind


Following on from Vol. 2, our third disc honors DS9's emotional and epic two-hour finale episode on its 15th anniversary in 2014. Listen to over an hour and 14 minutes of four new segments from 1999 and 2000 long-form chats—never released before—with TNG/DS9 writer-producer Ron D. Moore, later of Battlestar Galactica fame, and prolific TNG/DS9/VGR/ENT visual FX producer Dan Curry and TNG/DS9 VFX supervisor Gary Hutzel, also of later BSG fame ... capped off by some 25 minutes with DS9's iconoclastic showrunner, Ira Steven Behr...

ALL IN THEIR OWN VOICES, FROM SPRING 1999 and 2000.     (—order below—)



VOL. 2: “ 'All Good Things...': Words and Deeds


Our first follow-up disc honored TNG's beloved two-hour, three-eratime-spanning finale episode on its 20th anniversary in 2014. Here you get over an hour and 10 minutes from four 1994 extended conversations in my never-released chats with TNG/DS9/VGR writer-producer Michael Piller and prolific TNG/DS9/VGR/ENT director Winrich "Rick' Kolbe, both of whom have passed on ... plus the episode's co-writers at this early point in their careers: TNG/DS9 writer-producer Ron D. Moore, later of Battlestar Galactica fame, and TNG/VGR writer-producer and ENT co-creator-producer Brannon Braga, currently on Cosmos. ... IN THEIR OWN VOICES, FROM SPRING 1994. (—order below—)


VOL. 1: “Future Voices, Passed”—SOLD OUT AS CD

(available soon as download)

Trekland audio interviews TOS Trek TNG Nemecek Justman Piller Fleck Lenard

The 2012 debut disk carries a theme of those Treklanders no longer with us. For an hour and 18 minutes, you’ll enjoy never-before-heard comments and stories from TNG/DS9/VGR writer-producer Michael Piller, TOS/TNG actor Mark “Sarek” Lenard, TNG/VGR/ENT/film 1st assistant director Jerry Fleck, and TOS/TNG producer Bob Justman ... IN THEIR OWN VOICES.



—Attractive tri-fold insert
—Full-size CD jewel case
—Original photos
—My liner notes on the date and context of each conversation, plus an overview on the theme.


I’ll also be happy to autograph each one to your specs, unless you request otherwise.

A portion of all proceeds goes to support The Con of Wrath documentary project.


Or check the special two-fer or three-fer offers...


As always, thanks for your support and confidence that anything under my TREKLAND banner you can trust for accuracy, quality and simple fan-centric satisfaction.

And if not, I hope you let me know about it.


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