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Ask Dr. Trek

Got a question about Star Trek that’s driving you crazy?

What’s fandom about if it’s not to hash out debates or go nuts with missing trivia—easy Internet or no?

Well, “Ask Dr. Trek” was the cheesy name of my column waaaaay back for our local SF club newsletter back home—though it was more about news than answering questions. Too, sometimes it’s really more about the debate than the answers—as I learned when trying to settle arguments on the old BBS boards and first learned the meaning of “flamer.”

It took my “A Fistful of Data” Q&A column for Titan Magazines’ UK/USA Star Trek magazine for over 10 years now to really hit the guru stride—so let’s keep it going here as well.

And since everything cheesy is retro-cool now, “Ask Dr. Trek” seems perfect again.

Send in that crazy canon query, people poser, or background bibliophile bit (just non-fiction only re: the books, please).  If it’s a standout, you’ll see it answered on the site—or even my in-print column! Small print: Questions become the property of MyStar Media and,  may be edited for brevity, but above all must be signed—by email and/or snailmail name—and be aware your sig as written is how it will be listed on view!

See you over the Internets tubes!

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